Eater DC Map: Sip on These Seven Calvados Cocktails This Fall in D.C.

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From Eater DC by Lani Furbank:

“In the French countryside, people don’t obsess over pumpkin spice flavored baguettes or Camembert as soon as the fall weather hits. Instead, Normans sip on a complex glass of fruity yet earthy Calvados. It’s an apple brandy that comes from the region of the same name in lower Normandy.

Calvados is distilled from cider and then aged in oak barrels that impart a deep and mellow flavor. The spirit’s recorded history dates back to the early 16th century, when an apple grower first documented his endeavor to distill cider into brandy. Fast forward to today— it’s now one of the region’s claims to fame.

Like Champagne, the French have a specific set of rules defining what can and can’t be called “Calvados.” There are three official regions where the growing, harvesting, manufacturing, distilling and aging processes must take place in order for the product to qualify.

Because of the differences in the soil and terrain in these regions, each type of Calvados has a distinct flavor. Each region also comes with its own set of regulations about the distillation and aging processes. In comparison, American apple brandy doesn’t have a strict set of regulations like its French ancestor, so the products range from aged (in various types of barrels) to un-aged (typically called eau de vie).

For all the Francophiles in the D.C. area, here are a few cocktails that showcase this traditional French spirit.”

Check out the list on Eater DC’s website here!

Photo Credit: PX.


  1. vina sananikone

    Thank you so much for including PX in your Calvados post, Ms. Lani! I adore a good Calvados cocktail, or Calvados itself. Delicious!

    Hope to see you soon at PX!

    vina sananikone
    multimedia maven of EatGoodFood Group, also known as the photographer of the above photo.

    1. lanifurbank (Post author)

      Thanks for your note, Vina! Lovely photo, and great cocktails!


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