DC Refined: Local chefs share pumpkin recipes that don’t involve a pie dish

From DC Refined by Lani Furbank:

“Pumpkins steal the spotlight as the most picture-perfect winter squash, but they can do so much more than decorate your coffee table or wear a toothless grin on your front stoop. They deserve just as much love in the kitchen, where they’re often relegated to a basic pumpkin pie that only comes out once a year.

Chefs around D.C. are thinking outside the pie dish with creative recipes that feature pumpkin all season long. Instead of letting that big orange gourd rot on your porch, try whipping up one of these fall favorites.”

Check out two pasta recipes HERE.

Check out a few side dishes and a dessert recipe HERE.

Check out two entrées HERE!

Featured photo courtesy of Osteria Morini.

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