Eater DC Map: Celebrate Every Day with These Fizzy, Bubbly Cocktails

From Eater DC by Lani Furbank:

“The spirit of patio season can be encapsulated in one word: bubbles. But since brunch owns the mimosa, what’s left to drink on a warm summer night or a sunny happy hour outing? There are plenty of creative fizzy cocktail options that won’t conjure up cravings for pancakes or eggs Benedict.

Bartenders are turning to bubbles of every kind — from standbys like Champagne, ginger beer, and soda, to more unique options like pineapple wine, mead, or even sour beer. The result is an extensive selection of bright and fresh concoctions that go beyond the standard combination of fruit and sparkling wine.

No matter where the sparkles come from, there’s no denying that a crisp bubbly cocktail is the best drink to sip when the sun comes out. Here are some of the top choices around town to pair with an outdoor meal — or any meal, really.”

Check out the list on Eater DC’s website here!

Featured image courtesy of Bourbon Steak.

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