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Article from the Washington City Paper by Lani Furbank:

“Sometimes a standard-issue piece of restaurant equipment just won’t cut it. Sometimes only a one-of-a-kind or top-of-the-line tool can get the job done. Whether decades old or laboratory grade, these chefs have found unique culinary gadgets that deliver results—and are pretty fun to use, too.

Separatory Funnel at Dram and Grain - Courtesy Dram and Grain 1

Courtesy of Dram & Grain

Separatory Funnel at Dram & Grain

The separatory funnel that bartender Lukas Smith introduced to Dram & Grain looks like it belongs in a laboratory rather than at a bar. The teardrop-shaped glass funnel is designed to separate liquids of different densities—perfect for clarifying juices and fat-washing spirits (infusing them with oils). Traditionally, perfumers use this tool, but Smith bought one (on Amazon) to avoid having to chill filter spirits after fat-washing them, which is thought to remove the delicate flavors. The funnel leaves the subtle aromas while filtering out the oil itself.

Bamboo Steamer at Indique - Photo Credit Mariah Hayes 2

Courtesy of Mariah Hayes

Bamboo Steamer at Indique

After a recent trip to Kerala, India, chef K.N. Vinod returned with a blissfully simple piece of equipment that can steam ground rice in just four minutes. The bamboo steamer is a cylindrical piece of bamboo with a small piece of coconut shell on either end. Puttu, a cylindrical steamed rice dish, is prepared by layering powdered rice and a mixture of coconut and cumin seeds in the steamer, placing it over a pot of boiling water, and waiting. It’s typically served with ripe plantains or chickpea curry for breakfast, but it can also accompany curry of any kind.”

Read about the rest of the gadgets (including the antique gelato maker from Dolci Gelati, pictured in the headline photo) on the Washington City Paper’s website here!

Or, check out the spread from Thursday’s edition of the paper:

WCP Gadgets-page-001

Headline photo courtesy of Mariah Hayes.

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