The Stockman Grass Farmer: Setting the Health Department Straight in Virginia

Farmers work hard to raise, nurture, and grow our food. Sometimes, they have to work overtime to deliver that food to our tables. Jesse Straight of Whiffletree Farm in Warrenton, VA recently fought – and won – a battle with the Virginia Health Inspector to ensure that small farms like his have the right to share their products with any customer they choose.

From The Stockman Grass Farmer‘s October edition by Lani Furbank:

SGF Egg Regulations-page-001

SGF Egg Regulations 2-page-001

SGF Egg Regulations 3-page-001


  1. Derek

    It’s great to see common sense, logical consistency and the “little guy” triumph over the bureaucratic monolith that often operates without recognizing the purpose of its own regulations.

    1. lanifurbank (Post author)

      Absolutely! Jesse’s persistence has paved the way for other small VA farmers!

  2. Jesse Straight

    Thanks for writing this Lani! I appreciate your support!

    1. lanifurbank (Post author)

      Glad to spread the word about your great work!


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