Shenandoah Living Magazine: The Metropolitan Buying Club of Polyface Farm

It’s rare not to hear the name Joel Salatin thrown around in conversations about the local food movement. And rightfully so. He and his family, who run the beyond organic Polyface Farm, are as influential, charismatic, and passionate as everyone says. It was an honor meeting them and learning about one very innovative practice that has nothing to do with their on-the-ground farming methods, but is inspiring other farmers around the world. Find out why hundreds of families are clamoring to be a part of this non-exclusive club.

From Shenandoah Living Magazine‘s September/October issue (beginning on page 37) by Lani Furbank:

Shenandoah Living Buying Club 1.1-page-001

Shenandoah Living Buying Club 1.2-page-001

Shenandoah Living Buying Club 1.3-page-001

Read the rest of the issue here. Look out for the part two of this series in the November/December issue!

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