The Stockman Grass Farmer: “Hairy Pastured Pigs Have Virginia Chefs in Virginia Excited”

Earlier this year, I had the chance to hang out at Heritage Hollow Farm with four pigs sporting ‘dos that could rival Shirley Temple.

SGF IMG_8658

Farmers Mike and Molly Peterson just welcomed a rare heritage breed of pigs to their four-legged family: the Mangalitsa! These woolly bundles of love were so much fun to meet. They were as people-oriented and friendly as a puppy dog – belly rubs and all!  When I visited, the two sows were just about to have their babies. Unfortunately, I missed the miracle of life by a few hours (!!), but the experience was still an incredible one. I wrote about it for the Stockman Grass Farmer’s September issue. I think you’ll enjoy reading about these cuties as much as I enjoyed meeting them!

From The Stockman Grass Farmer‘s September edition by Lani Furbank:

SGF IMG_8585 SGF IMG_8527

SGF MangalitsasSGF Mangalitsas P2.2

SGF Mangalitsas P3

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