Eater DC: Where to Try Totchos Around Town

From Eater DC by Lani Furbank:

“Napoleon Dynamite himself would be proud of the abundance of attention afforded to tater tots these days. No longer relegated to school cafeterias or cargo pants pockets, tots are now the stars of a nacho-style creation called totchos. The plates of golden, crispy potato nuggets are gussied up with everything from Tex-Mex toppings to bougie accoutrements.

This locked-and-loaded dish is perfect for almost any occasion,€” whether it’s soaking up a night of drinking, curing the munchies, beating a hangover, or satisfying a carb craving. Totchos are typically offered as appetizers, but they can also constitute a full meal for true potato enthusiasts.

Totchos are enjoying their time in the limelight on menus around D.C., so Eater is highlighting a few of the best and most outrageous. From a sophisticated foie gras tot poutine to a fully customizable tot menu, here are 13 iterations of must-try totchos.

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Check out the totchos here!

Featured photo courtesy of The Tombs.