Eater DC: Where to Find Crab Rangoon In and Around DC

From Eater DC by Lani Furbank:

“Americans tend to go crazy over crab Rangoon at Chinese restaurants, but the crispy crab puffs have almost nothing to do with China. The dish is simple: cream cheese and crab folded up in wonton wrappers and deep-fried. It’s named after the capitol city of Burma, where the dish supposedly originated.

However, that’s almost certainly not true, since wonton wrappers are from China, and cream cheese is not a staple of Southeast Asian cuisine. Most attribute the creation of crab Rangoon to Trader Vic’s, a popular Polynesian restaurant chain in San Francisco in the 1950s.

While real Chinese people probably don’t eat them, that doesn’t stop the dish from popping up on restaurant menus across the city. Here are 10 spots to enjoy crab Rangoon.”

Check out all the spots HERE!

Featured photo courtesy of TenPenh.