District Fray Magazine: Perfect Pairings with Sommelier Brent Kroll and Chef Michael Rafidi

From District Fray Magazine’s September Issue by Lani Furbank.

“When asked how chefs and sommeliers work together to achieve perfect wine pairings in a restaurant, Brent Kroll has this to say.

“It either burns up in flames, or the relationship matures over time.”

Luckily for Kroll and business partner and chef Michael Rafidi, they’ve experienced the latter.

“You just start to build chemistry and get to understand the relationship better,” Kroll says.

“It just happens over time,” Rafidi adds. “Working together, tasting, eating together.”

They met after Kroll experienced a memorable meal cooked by Rafidi, and they soon partnered in each other’s ventures – Kroll’s wine bar Maxwell Park and Rafidi’s Levantine restaurant and café, Albi and Yellow.”

Read the rest of the article HERE or HERE.

Featured photo by Theo Milo.

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