Michelin Guide Digital Platform: How to Make Paella at Home

From the Michelin Guide Digital Platform by Lani Furbank.

“Printed inside the front cover of José Andrés’s cookbook Made in Spain is the line: “I won’t be happy until there is a paella pan on every backyard grill in America.” While it certainly isn’t an easy dish, Andrés believes paella can—and should—be made and enjoyed at home.

At his flagship Spanish restaurant, Jaleo, in Washington, D.C., paellas for a crowd are made to order and served tableside. The Bethesda location also offers public and private classes to teach guests how to prepare the classic dish for themselves.

Though Daniel Lugo, head chef of the Bethesda Jaleo, is Puerto Rican with Spanish heritage, he credits Andrés with teaching him about paella while working at the now-shuttered Mi Casa in Puerto Rico. “That’s when I truly learned the art of cooking paella,” he says. “Trust me, I thought I knew how to cook paella.”

Here, he shares some of the expertise he’s gained over the years.”

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Featured photo by Rey Lopez courtesy of Jaleo.

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