Project Green Life

The time I spent in Indonesia made me feel a million things – exhilarated, confused, challenged, invigorated – but discovering Project Green Life invoked feelings that went beyond me. I felt connected to the world in a way that I never have…
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“I <3 Bukit Lawang"

When you’re traveling, it’s crazy how time flies. When you’re not traveling, it’s crazy how time flies. I’ve been at my new job for over a month now, and I’m loving every minute of it! Unfortunately, the 9-5 doesn’t give…
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The Smiles of Kintamani

This view. This view is just one of the things that make me more than just a little nostalgic as I’m sitting inside, staring out the window at the patches of snow on frozen ground. It’s only been a week,…
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Observing Life in Ubud

After the guided tour to introduce us to the city of Ubud, we decided to do a little exploring of our own. Here are some of the things we found… (Click on a photo to enlarge it!) The temple for…
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Bali’s Ubud: A City of Artists

Ubud is truly a city of artists. Every street is suffocated by art shops and galleries. Every shop or gallery is bursting with “handicraps” (as one of our guides mis-pronounced “handicrafts”). Most of these works of art are stunningly intricate,…
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Touring Balinese Tradition


After a relaxing few days in Candi Dasa, we decided to venture outside of our private paradise and into the world of organized tours. We set off on two different day trips – the first was a tour of the…
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A Sleepy Beach Resort in Bali


A slow internet connection, packed days and early bedtimes have kept me from posting since my city escapade…but my past few excursions have been quite the opposite of bustling Jakarta! Our flight out of the capital transported us from a…
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Jakarta and Kota Tua


I finally arrived in Jakarta on Thursday, January 2nd after 27 hours of flying and 3 days of travel (which did a serious number on my sit-bones)! My journey started in Washington, D.C., and from there, I traveled to San…
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