Airlie’s Wine Dinner Featuring Early Mountain Vineyards


On Saturday, I had the chance to experience a hidden gem in Warrenton, VA: Airlie! Originally a conference center exclusively for government events, Airlie recently opened it’s doors to the public as a gorgeous, secluded spot for weekend getaways complete with…
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Proof That We’re Not So Different After All


I realized I’ve been holding onto something. It’s something I don’t want to lose or forget. I figured keeping the memory all to myself would make it last forever. But now it’s time to relive it and share it. (On…
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Delicious Homemade Mayonnaise


The recipe I was using for the adorable deviled egg chicks for Easter called for homemade mayonaise, so I decided to whip some up! It’s super simple, and tastes way better than the stuff from the grocery store! DISCLAIMER: I think…
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Adorable Deviled Egg Chicks


I’m obsessed with making food that looks as good as it tastes. I’m not just talking about a well-plated dish. I’m talking about a dish that elicits ooh’s and aww’s when it’s served! These deviled egg chicks are absolutely adorable…
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Here’s to New Beginnings!

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 12.25.27 PM

Friday was a pretty big day for me – it was my last day as an employee at NewsChannel 8! So, what’s next? I’m glad you asked! I’ve decided to take the plunge into the wild and wonderful world of…
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International Tourists Take Yogyarkarta by Storm!

As a 13-year-old traveling around the world with my parents, there was one thing I feared more than anything else. It wasn’t food poisoning…culture shock…getting kidnapped…strange insect bites….or unpronounceable foreign illnesses.  Nope. It was something much more terrifying: looking like a tourist. We…
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In the Shadow of a Volcano

You can learn a lot about people when you understand how they react to disaster. We all like to think we’d be completely in control in the face of chaos, but the fact is, you just don’t know until you’re there….
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The Return of the Family Milk Cow

A little over a year ago, I was living in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, surrounded by what felt like more livestock than people at times! On this Throwback Thursday, I thought it would be appropriate to reminisce about one…
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Girl Scouts Help Save the Bay

One year ago this month, I was frantically finishing up term papers, studying for finals, saying goodbyes, packing for a month-long adventure, and embarking on the first step to the rest of my life. In the midst of all of…
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“Student” Life

Three carefree summer months have slipped by since my last post. The days were long, but the weeks short. I don’t know where the season went, but now everyone is back in the classroom, and I’m once again reminded that I’m no…
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