Event Alert: K Street Farm Dinner

K Street Farm

Next month, some of the best chefs in the DC area will come together in the name of building a healthy food system in DC. They will prepare a multi-course, family-style dinner to benefit DC Greens, a nonprofit that uses…
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Photo Friday: Wildflowers at Riverbend Park


On this beautiful spring morning, and in honor of National Wildflower Week, I wanted to share some photos from a hike with my family at Riverbend Park. If you haven’t been, I definitely recommend taking a trip, especially when everything is…
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It’s Terrace Season!


I’ve been ready for spring since January 2nd. That’s quite a long wait, but now that it’s here, it was all worth it. Not just because of the flowers, the warm breezes, the new growth or the little animal babies. I love…
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Product Review: the magbag

group - all 3 sizes-colors

When I’m getting ready for a trip, my packing style is totally bipolar. I’ll spend tons of time choosing the right gear for a trip and thinking about what I want to bring way in advance, but then the actual…
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Happy Arbor Day!


If you’ve been following Lani’s Cup of Tea, you know that I hosted a workshop on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with a lively bunch of Girl Scouts a few months ago. We learned all about water quality and…
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The Foodie’s Guide to Earth Day


If you know me at all, you know that Earth Day is my jam. My locally sourced, homemade organic jam. That’s why this year, I came up with this guide to help fellow foodies (and non-foodies – I don’t discriminate!)…
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How to Grow Your Own Micro-Greens


  Growing your own food is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re eating local, organic and fresh produce. However, if you don’t have an ideal plot of land for gardening, you’re probably feeling left out of this green…
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Celebrate Earth Day: Save Water, Drink Green Beer


“Save Water, Drink Beer” may be a silly phrase that’s plastered on t-shirts and beer mugs, but depending on which beer you’re drinking, there’s actually some truth to it. This Earth Day, City Tap House will be serving up five beers from eco-friendly…
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Airlie’s Wine Dinner Featuring Early Mountain Vineyards


On Saturday, I had the chance to experience a hidden gem in Warrenton, VA: Airlie! Originally a conference center exclusively for government events, Airlie recently opened it’s doors to the public as a gorgeous, secluded spot for weekend getaways complete with…
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