Traveling is the best way to learn about the world around us. Each new destination is a fresh viewpoint that lets you see things from a different perspective. You don’t have to go far – microcosms of culture seem to crop up every hundred miles. I love all trips, whether they take me an hour or an ocean away from home. This section of “Lani’s Cup of Tea” is all about traveling mindfully: being respectful of traditions, reducing your environmental impact as much as possible, and truly immersing yourself in a different world. Bon voyage!

An Evening in Turkey


A metro ride to Dupont Circle will take you as close to Turkey as you can get without hopping on a plane: eating at the newly opened Ankara is like sitting down in a Turkish family’s living room for dinner. That makes sense,…
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All-You-Can-Sip Spanish Cider at SER

New on the scene in Ballston, SER, an authentic Spanish tavern, is bringing the customs of Basque Country to Arlington with their Txotx Ritual Cider Dinner Series. Their WHAT now? “Txotx” (pronounced “Choach” – like coach with a ch at the beginning) is a ritual…
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Product Review: the magbag

group - all 3 sizes-colors

When I’m getting ready for a trip, my packing style is totally bipolar. I’ll spend tons of time choosing the right gear for a trip and thinking about what I want to bring way in advance, but then the actual…
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Proof That We’re Not So Different After All


I realized I’ve been holding onto something. It’s something I don’t want to lose or forget. I figured keeping the memory all to myself would make it last forever. But now it’s time to relive it and share it. (On…
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International Tourists Take Yogyarkarta by Storm!

As a 13-year-old traveling around the world with my parents, there was one thing I feared more than anything else. It wasn’t food poisoning…culture shock…getting kidnapped…strange insect bites….or unpronounceable foreign illnesses.  Nope. It was something much more terrifying: looking like a tourist. We…
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