Monthly Archive: June 2020

District Fray Magazine: Clean Greener

Clean Greener: A Waste Audit for Your Cleaning Routine From District Fray Magazine’s June issue by Lani Furbank. “I’ve always considered myself to be an extremely clean person. Then Covid-19 arrived and my obsession went off the charts. I expect many of you can…
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District Fray Magazine: Shucking Delicious

From District Fray Magazine’s June issue by Lani Furbank. “Cope with the meat shortage. Boost your immune system. Reduce your carbon footprint. Support small local businesses. Can you name one thing you can do right now to accomplish all four of these admirable…
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District Fray Magazine: Connect the Dots

From District Fray Magazine’s June issue by Lani Furbank. “Repairing Broken Links in the Regional Food Supply Chain Our food system today is a textbook paradox. We see thousands of gallons of milk dumped away, tons of produce left to…
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