District Fray Magazine: Sourdough: What Are All These Quaran-Bakers Trying to Prove?

From District Fray Magazine by Lani Furbank:

“I don’t mean to sound like a hipster, but I had a sourdough starter *before* it was cool. I was vaguely familiar with the concept of ‘starter,’ and obviously loved to eat sourdough bread, so last May, when I heard that a colleague was generously giving away some of his, I asked for a jar.

It was a bit like bringing home a new pet—my husband and I read and re-read my colleague’s detailed instructions on caring for this curious creature, and we tentatively began to feed it. Much to our delight, it ate with abandon, bubbling, growing, and emitting a deliciously sour and yeasty smell.

Now, sourdough culture has grown into a pandemic way of life. If you haven’t seen a single sourdough project on one of your social media feeds in the last three months, I would be genuinely shocked.

Whether you’ve recently jumped on the sourdough train to occupy the doldrums of quarantine or you’re just curious about what the hell everyone is “feeding” on their countertops, I’m here to share what I’ve learned about sourdough – with expert advice from sourdough baker and propagator, chef Johanna Hellrigl.”

Read the full article HERE!

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