Eater DC: Healthy Restaurant Dishes That Won’t Make You Hate Life

From Eater DC by Lani Furbank:

“Resolving to “eat healthier” can often feel like some sort of cruel punishment, especially when so many green choices put such a somber emphasis on health. A few days of superfood shakes and raw vegetable salads is enough to drive anyone to shamefully devour a Big Mac under the cover of darkness.

The path to better nutrition doesn’t have to be paved with starkly seasoned dishes that scream deprivation. There are plenty of ways to find flavor and indulgence without relying on excess calories or fat. In fact, there are some dishes in restaurants that won’t necessitate a 60-minute date with the treadmill immediately after consuming them.

Chefs around D.C. — including pioneers such as Todd Gray of Equinox and recent arrival Jeremiah Langhorne of the Dabney — are giving vegetables their due, using a lighter hand when it comes to added fat, and relying on leaner, more nutritious sources of protein. That’s great news for diners looking to shed a few pounds or give the old arteries a much needed break.

Here are nearly two dozen places to indulge in adventurous, guilt-free (ish) dining right now.”

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Featured photo courtesy of Woodward Table.