Eater DC Map: Celebrate the Whole Animal at These Butchery-Focused D.C. Restaurants

From Eater DC by Lani Furbank:

Nose-to-tail tasting menus, offal concoctions, and uniquely crafted cuts of meat are now common in the dining scene. In fact, it’s now extended beyond the D.C. area into Baltimore, where Master Butcher March Pauvert works at Wit and Wisdom inside the Four Seasons. Whole animal butchery is indeed trendy, but that doesn’t mean it should be written off as a fad.

Butchery actually has a whole host of practical benefits and increases transparency in the food supply chain. It gives chefs control over what goes on the menu and puts the focus on the flavor and quality of the meat. It’s dependent on factors like the animal’s heritage, what it ate, and where it lived.

Many chefs feel that buying whole animals is the best way to have full control over every aspect of their dishes. Here are 11 area restaurants sourcing whole animals to turn them into delicious charcuterie and steaks.”

Check out the list on Eater DC’s website here!

Featured image courtesy of Jackson 20.

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