Washington Post Express: Brunch, On the Rocks

From the Washington Post Express by Lani Furbank:

“Day-drinking and carbo-loading in the name of brunch will never get old. That blasé pitcher of mimosas, on the other hand.… Brunch regulars are looking for variety beyond what has become the standard, and they’re finding it on more creative drink menus across the city. These five spots have come up with novel beverage offerings while honoring the whole point of weekend brunch: the copious amounts of booze.

A barrel of Old Fashioned and bottle-service mimosas

Barrel, 613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-543-3622, barreldc.com

For groups of four, Barrel offers a liter of Old Fashioneds in a barrel ($50). It’s served with flavored syrups, large ice cubes and citrus peels for garnish. For something lighter, try the bottomless make-your-own mimosas ($20), which include bottle-service champagne, juices and syrups. The syrups for both options may be fruity (pineapple and strawberry thyme), herbal (winter spice and lemongrass vanilla) or wacky (Cocoa Puffs).

Bottomless meadmosas

Beuchert’s Saloon, 623 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-733-1384, beuchertssaloon.com

Beuchert’s mixes Charm City Meadworks’ Basil Lemongrass mead (fermented honey and water) with orange or grapefruit juice to create the meadmosa. “When people think of mead, they think Renaissance fair: super-high alcohol, really thick and syrupy,” general manager Ed Howard says. “But this is actually the opposite.” More like a beer than a wine, the mead ($18) is served on tap and is very dry, with hints of basil.”

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