Washington Post Express: The Wild Side of Dessert

From the Washington Post Express by Lani Furbank:

“The nostalgic melody of an ice cream truck always gets the kids running. But what about those of us with more refined palates? Here are five ice cream flavors on D.C. menus this summer that adults can get excited about.

Black garlic gelato
Bibiana, 1100 New York Ave. NW; 202-216-9550, bibianadc.com
You’d expect to see garlic all over the entree section of an Italian restaurant’s menu, but in the dessert? “It’s an aroma more than a flavor,” executive chef Jake Addeo says of Bibiana’s black garlic gelato. The blackness is a result of a 45-day fermentation process, which yields a sweeter and mellower flavor. The icy treat is also infused with honey and fennel pollen and arrives with a sprinkle of sea salt. ($8 for two scoops)”

Read all about the other flavors on the Washington Post Express website here!

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